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We help lawyers and ADR professionals simplify dispute resolution.
We provide you with the tools you need to deliver your clients an alternative to litigation and deliver value time and time again.

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This is how we can help

Meet client expectations

Clients expect more for less these days. Remedium's platform has been designed to make dispute resolution simple for your clients. Work with us to deliver more for your clients without the admin overhead.

Attract and service new clients

Remedium is establishing its brand as the one stop shop for dispute resolution. Embrace our innovative platform and leverage our success and find new clients for your practice.

Collaborate with clients and the other side

Improve your workflows and take the hassle out of preparing a matter for resolution. Our collaboration tools make it easy to identify issues and potential settlement terms with your clients and the other side.

Plug and play service offering

Simply sign up and login to our portal and you’re ready to go. No IT team or on-premises server required. Access your Remedium dashboard from anywhere.

Work from anywhere

Remedium is a cloud based platform and is ready to use wherever you are. All you need is a laptop and internet connection!

Key tools for your practice

Remedium has developed a number of tools for use by dispute resolution professionals.

Case Management

View all of your completed, current and new case files all in one place.

Encrypted Communications

Communicate securely with your clients using our video conferencing and chat tools

Dispute Wizards

Take instructions and review disputes easily using our interactive dispute wizards.

Settlement Builder

Use our technology to quickly put together a settlement agreement. We will deliver the agreement to your inbox.

Professional Network

Join our network of professionals and access the best ADR professional for your clients.


Track all of your key KPI’s or simply view them from your dashboard each day.

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