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How it Works

Step 01

Find a lawyer

We have a network of legal professionals on hand ready to assist you immediately. Simply login to the Remedium platform, enter the type of legal assistance you require and your budget and one of our legal partners will send you a fixed price quote for their service. Your lawyer will then help you resolve your dispute online.

Step 02

Prepare your case

Using our Dispute Wizard, you can prepare a case in a matter of minutes. Our Dispute Wizards have been developed by legal experts with decades of experience and the have been designed to help you prepare a strong legal case with all of the critical information.

Step 03

Invite the other party

Once you've completed your Dispute Wizard, you can then invite the other party to participate in the dispute resolution process. The other party will have the opportunity to review your case and then prepare their own case.

Step 04

Expert appointed

Once both parties have completed the Dispute Wizard, we will appoint a neutral legal expert to help you resolve your dispute. Our experts are qualified mediators, arbitrators, conciliators and adjudicators with decades of experience.

Step 05

Reach a fair resolution

Depending on what resolution method is selected, your neutral expert will work with both parties and help you reach an outcome. Your neutral expert will book private and joint sessions with you and the other party and use Remedium's video conferencing technology to facilitate an outcome.

Step 06

Download agreement

Once your session with the neutral expert has successfully concluded, you can download a document which sets out the terms of your settlement or determination. This document will act as the binding legal document that exists between you and the other party.

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