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What is Remedium?

Remedium is an innovative online dispute resolution (ODR) platform that uses technology as a means to assist users resolve legal issues.

Remedium provides a stress free, cost effective and faster dispute resolution experience than that of traditional methods, such as going to Court or hiring a lawyer.

Remedium is available to anybody and at anytime. All you need is an internet connection and access to a computer!

How does Remedium work?

The Remedium platform has been developed utilising established Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods that have been used by experienced lawyers, negotiators and mediators for decades.

The Remedium platform provides you with a number of tools that allow you to negotiate, mediate and resolve legal disputes with minimum fuss and in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Do I need my own lawyer to use Remedium?

Absolutely not. The Remedium platform has been designed for users who don’t have their own lawyers. The platform provides users with all of the tools required to reach a legally binding settlement in fast and cost effective manner. Of course, you are free to engage your own lawyer and ask them to access the Remedium platform on your behalf.

What types of disputes does Remedium handle?

Currently, Remedium handles Divorce and Separation matters.

Over the coming months, we will be upgrading the platform to handle the following dispute types:

  • Property and Leasing
  • Divorce and Separation
  • Franchising
  • Building and Construction
  • Business to Business
How much does it cost to use Remedium?

We understand that hiring lawyers and going to Court is very expensive. That is why we offer very competitive fixed fees.

Depending on the size and complexity of your dispute, our fees will range from $0 - $3,000. You will always know what our fees will be before you begin. Plus, you and the other party are free to split up the payment of the fees however you choose. It's completely up to you.

How long does it take to settle a dispute using Remedium?

Depending on the complexity of your dispute and the willingness of both parties to participate in the Remedium process, most disputes should be resolved in a maximum of 4 - 6 weeks.

What happens if the other party doesn’t want to use Remedium to resolve a dispute?

Unfortunately there is not much we can do if someone doesn’t want to use Remedium. However, we will contact anyone who doesn’t initially accept an invitation and explain to them the cost and time saving benefits that we offer.

We will provide a record to you of any invitations to the Remedium platform that have been rejected. This record will be useful for you as it is often the case that rejecting an invitation to negotiate a settlement before going to Court will have negative consequences for the rejecting party.

Are settlement agreements made using Remedium legally binding?

Once you and the other party reach a settlement, you will be provided with a document that contains the terms of your agreement. Once both parties have acknowledged and agreed to the terms, it will constitute a binding settlement.

For Divorce and Separation matters, the process is slightly different. Under Australian family law, one way to make your agreement legally binding is to file your agreement in the Family Court in the form of 'consent orders'. Should you and your ex-partner reach a settlement and wish to make it legally binding, we will provide you with all of the required documents to take this step.

I’ve never been in a dispute or negotiated a legal settlement before. Can I still use Remedium?

Of course. Even if you have never been involved in a legal matter or been involved in a dispute, we will provide you with a simple step by step process and the essential tools to help you reach a fair and reasonable outcome.

What if I need help during the dispute resolution process?

We have a number of legal partners with varied experience who are available to you at anytime during the process. Simply click the ‘Help’ button once you are in the platform and we will put you in touch with a lawyer of your choosing. From here you can ask a question, arrange a video call or request a review of your settlement agreement before you sign it. Additional fees will apply for this service however our legal partners provide very reasonable fixed price fees.

I have a contract that contains a ‘dispute resolution clause’. Can I use Remedium to resolve a dispute under this contract?

Yes. Simply register and log in to the Remedium platform and we will guide you on what you need to do next.